Jurisdiction commonly describes any power over a specific area or specific individuals. In the law, it sometimes denotes a particular geographic zone containing a clear legal power.

Personal jurisdiction involves the courts power to resolve a case amid the parties involved. In order for jurisdiction to be exercised by a court, there has to be a common or statutory law basis of jurisdiction, that does not exceed the limitations forced by due process of the constitution.

Long-arm statutes is described as law of the state that permits the state to practice jurisdiction for a defendant who is out-of-state, if the potential defendant has adequate least contacts with state in question. This jurisdiction allows the courts hearing of a defendant case and enter a compulsory judgment to the defendant living outside the concerned jurisdiction.

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the fact that the two parties were already transacting. Flanagan had previously faxed watertronics an order, and it paid a certain amount as down payment. The only remaining problem was payment of the balance which was not contracted anywhere in Wisconsin, thus, the decision of the court.

The court also considered the two step inquiry where the first step that involved whether Wisconsin’s long-arm statute was satisfied in the Flanagan’s jurisdiction case, thus, its decision because there were no minimum contacts by Flanagan in Wisconsin.

The court’s decision was also based on the fact that there was already an agreed upon contract between the two parties and they had already made certain transactions with goods being shipped from Wisconsin to Flanagan.

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