Judith and the Head of Holofernes compared to Kate Chopin’s ‘story of an hour’

“The story of an hour”, wishes to convey the author’s view that women were under societal subjugation or oppression during the time she wrote the story. “The Story of an Hour”, tells of a woman who has all along lived in the shadow of her husband as expected by society. Louis after receiving the news that her husband is dead starts entertaining notions of finally being free in her heart and looking forward to a future with freedom.

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The impact of all this is to create an impression that women can be both beautiful and feminine while also being capable of great courage and strength. This is very much unlike the portrayals in many literature works from that period all the way to the early 1900s when Kate Chopin wrote her stories. The painting is therefore a departure from the more commonly portrayed themes about the position of women in the societies of earlier periods. However, ‘the story of an hour’ conforms to the expected narrative about historical roles of women.

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