Judicial Independence

Judicial Independence

Judicial Independence

It is crucial in any democracy that the judiciary as an arm of the government is independent and impartial of all the external pressures as well as the judges themselves so that them that appear before them as well as the public can have total confidence. Confidence from the public indicates that the cases are fairly decide in accordance with the laws of the land. Then, that there is no pressure from the other arms of government such as the legislature and executive.

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In conclusion, I think that the judicial review besides not being explicitly provided in the Constitution should be viewed as an essential in the preservation of a government of limited powers. The limitation of this particular kind can only be serve by the courts of justice. In no other way as it’s the courts mandate to declare the acts that are contrary to the constitution’s manifest tenor null and void.

Choper, J. H. (2013). Judicial review and the national political process: A functional reconsideration of the role of the Supreme Court. Quid Pro Books.

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