Judaism and the Prophetical Tradition

The Church is a union of people who fellowship together in Christ. Across the world, people have faced problems such as inequality, poverty, and injustice. Different bodies have been tasked with the duty of overseeing against the injustices and take relevant action to address the same. One of the bodies that have taken up the role includes the Church.

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According to The Bible, it is clear that people have a choice of shunning evil deeds. However, most of them either choose to tolerate it or decide not to do anything about. Much as God has the capability to remove all evil from the world, it is important for people to realize that they have a responsibility to address the same. It is imperative that they realize that every evil deed done either affects one directly, or it affects the other people. It, therefore, calls for the need to shun evil deeds for the sake of oneself or other people. It is the sure way of enhancing peace and harmony among people.

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