How Congress needs to be treated


How Congress needs to be treated.

This article discusses how the Senate had a rough time deliberating how Congress needs to be treated like the other sectors in the country. Members of Congress have their benefits on health insurance a clause that the senators want to protect. They wanted to vote for the bill that would end an exemption of members of Congress and their staff slate to be the only participants in Obama care.

The act applied the same rights of employment and labor laws which lawmakers required every citizen to follow. This law helped the public stop wondering about congressional behavior that has a different code for the citizen. A provision requiring members of Congress to get insurance via the Obama care health exchanges was inserted.

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It is interesting that congressional members would pass bills into laws not considering they too should abide by them. It is also sad that congressional members have to be forced to abide by a public insurance exchange. This is because it is they who would lose the best quality health insurance.

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