John Harris the survival lottery

John Harris the survival lottery

John Harris the survival lottery

The survival lottery concept and notion as was put forth by the great scholar and academician John Harris, seeks to explain ad highlight the idea of the benefits of organ donations. This is to say and ask the fundamental question on whether organ donation was purported to save more lives or whether it would kill. This simple study or research was based on the theoretical basis of a lottery where the participants of the study were assigned numbers. They were then given hypothetical or theoretical numbers which were picked or drawn from a lottery each and every time a donation was needed. Noteworthy, the people assigned the numbers in the lottery were expected to offer or give up their lives when need be or to allow to others to live.

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Some advantages that can be gotten from transplanting organs from one individual to several to save their lives are: reducing number of preventable deaths, increasing the quality of lives, and avoiding unnecessary loss of people who would have eventually died. On the contrary, there is one major point that is put forth to argue against it. That it is against ethics to kill one person to save the other.

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