John Adams

John Adams

John Adams

John Adams:The founding fathers in the United States are individuals of the thirteen British Colonies of North America who were responsible for leading the revolution of America against the authority of the crown of Britain. It is they who established the United States of America. However, the term is at times used to narrowly refer to those of them that featured in the signing of the declaration of independence in 1776 or alternatively, to refer to the delegates who in 1787 participated in the constitutional convention thus taking part in the drafting. This paper is a bibliographical profile of John Adams, a founding father and the second American president. It will provide information about his accomplishments.

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Having discussed the life and accomplishments of this founding father, this paper is left to conclude that President Adams has been greatly underrated as a president of the United States. He is a founding father, freedom fighter and he signed the declaration of independence and drafted the constitution of the United States. The United States owes him a great debt for his accomplishments and service. He also founded a political family where his son grew and became the sixth president.

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