Job Essay

Job Essay

Job Essay

Three reasons can best justify my desire to serve in the Newark Public Schools faculty, all three of which are rooted on a concept that is dear to me as person and as a teacher. The first has to do with that the New Jersey Department of Education classified the Newark School District as a District in Factor Group A; which is the lowest of eight groupings based on socioeconomic characteristics of a district.

I have always felt that my ultimate service to children would be to provide those students who are not as privileged as others with the same first class education despite the possible lack of resources. This is also the vision of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who in 2010 donated $100 million to the school district.

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The second reason has to do with the fact that the schools in the Newark School District are among the lowest performing schools in the entire state. I have had success in improving student performance and believe that my participation could prove instrumental in improving these grades.

The final reason can be summarized using three words; Excellence, Efficiency, Equity. Three words describing the goals of the Newark School District. Those words appeal to me as an educator to bring these concepts into life for every student.

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