Jesus and the Kingdom of God

Jesus used the articulate “Kingdom of God” He was talking about universal Christian values. He imagined a community of religious Christians who tried to practice his teaching genuinely. Among them would be attitudes, the pure of heart, peacemakers, merciful and those who hunger for righteousness. Pure Christians also strive to avoid the sins of the Ten Commandments. A community with such Christians would be a paradise on earth. For this reasons, Jesus said the Kingdom of God was at hand. He meant that the kingdom was within human reach.

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One of the teachings I would find hard to adhere is perseverance. This requires one not to be faint with their call, but being able to persist and continue to deal with stress so that we can accomplish God’s call. If the teachings were implemented in my life, it would become difficult to deal with stress and would be tempted to go above the teaching of perseverance.

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