Jersey City’s Police Department Official Website

The Jersey City NJ relies on several media to make sure that the public is able to know what exactly they do, or the services that they provide. One of the media that the Jersey City police department utilize so as to communicate their information to the public is their official website, (JERSEY CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT. (2013). This is an electronic media platform that enables people who visit their website to get access to an array of information that relates to the Jersey City police department. This essay will look into how the police utilize the Jersey City’s official police website to disseminate, manage, as well as search for information.

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Apart from enlightening the interested stakeholders on an array of information, the website is as well utilized to reassure people within the community that they are safe and the city is in total control. Nevertheless, the police cannot share any information that may potentially jeopardize for instance, a case that is in court. As a result, not every information that they get should be posted on their website, for instance, the questioning of a gang, until when everything has been dealt with.


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