Japanese Anime heroes compared to American ones

Japanese Anime heroes compared to American ones

Japanese Anime heroes compared to American ones

An anime can be defined as an advanced level of cartoons, which is broader and sophisticated in comparison to mere pictures. Anime have their origins in Japan and portray a diverse culture of the nation, creation of anime requires substantial workforce since there are numerous drawings needed commonly referred to as “manga.”

However, as time progresses more and more cultures are adapting the use of Anime to grow and educate on their culture. One of the nations or cultures on the front line is the American culture that suits it uses in editions like Harry Potter and Wonder Woman. Originally, an Anime had characters with large doe-lie eyes, a representation of the Japanese people, but it has since changed due to the diverse cultures today. An Anime is now as an educational tool for both adults and youngsters; universal lessons taught using Manga or Anime in Japan include martial arts.

Naruto vs. Harry Potter

Harry Potter and Naruto have so much in common especially when looking at their characteristics and personalities (Seireina, 2011). Additionally, they have the same lifestyles and are a positive influence on real people. One of the similarities they have is that they both have a close friendship zone; they have two close friends, a girl, and a boy.

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In both the Japanese and American Anime, female characters are evident but they differ in the way they play out their roles.

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