James Watson and Francis Crick

James Watson and Francis Crick

James Watson and Francis Crick

The DNA double helix discovery is one of the most remarkable advancement in science. The discovery was made by Francis Crick and James Watson in the year 1954 by use of X-Ray diffraction. The discovery is one of the most impactful and significant discoveries of the 20th Century. The discovery of the double helix of the DNA exposed to the ‘secret of life’ since the structure explained how DNA replicates itself. This discovery created a number of very significant developments in other aspects of science, medicine, law enforcement as well as scientific research. In this essay, these impacts of the DNA double helix will be highlighted as well as thoroughly discussed.

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The DNA double helix discovery has impacted the world very positively and has consequently demystified a number of complex issues in all the scope of life. Research and development on the issue of DNA is still ongoing, and many more discoveries ought to be made regarding the double helix discovery. However, further research must be done the concept of the double helix especially in accessing and ensuring safety of genetically modified organisms.

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