James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues

How does James Baldwin\'s title \"Sonny\'s Blues contribute to a theme in the story?

James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues

James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues :“Sonny’s Blue” is a story that talks about two brothers who grew up together. The narrator receives information that his brother got arrested from the sale and consumption of heroin. He gets angry because of this news and abandons his brother while in jail. His brother’s friend tries to explain the various reasons that would make him start using drugs, but he does not understand. He only contacts him upon the death of his daughter. After his release, the brother returns to the town where they grew up (Byerman, 370).

The author elaborates the theme of suffering using the title of his story though it represents different meanings. Sonny is the lead character in the story. Together with his family, they face a lot of sufferings when they live in a poor neighborhood

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This story teaches young people of how the wrong decisions they make while suffering can affect them later. The author of this short story has great use of language considering that he wrote the book many years ago. He therefore succeeds in bringing out the role of the title to explain the theme

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