Italian and French Art history

Italian and French Art history

Italian and French Art history.

Italian and French Art history: Claude Monet was born on 14th November 1840 in France. He grew with a passion of being an artist. At his tender age, he was famous because of his charcoal sketches and he as well learnt how to use oil paints.

He disliked how other young artists copied older generation workers, and he could go outdoors and painted whatever he observed. He started painting in the style of impressionist which was known as ruptures of light with fast skirmish strokes.

Bernini Gian was an Italian artist who was born on 7th December 1598 and died on 28th November 1680. He principally worked in Rome and he was a prominent architect who was the leading sculptor during his age in 17th century and was credited with molding the Baroque style of sculpture and

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In French Claude uses mostly impressionism and realism as he paints what he sees outdoors. While Bernini uses impressionism as he sculpture the Statue of David.

Even though uncertainty about impressionism facade during its practice, there is no wavering existing today concerning the fundamental impacts that this society had on the world of art. Montel, the ruler painter of the society of the impressionists. Can be accredited with much of the style’s victory and disrepute.

His Avanti-grade advance to painting the feelings released by a landscape rather than literal details paved the way for progression in skills that led to the development of modern art.


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