Issues surrounding drones use in the war on terrorism

Issues surrounding drones use in the war on terrorism

Issues surrounding drones use in the war on terrorism

The use of drones in the fight or war on international terrorist groups has remained a controversial issue. Although the media has mainly focused on the use armed drones by the United States in Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq and Pakistan, other countries have deployed drones in counter terrorism operations. For instance, the UK has used armed drones in Afghanistan. Israel has also not been left behind; it has deployed drones against Sudan, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon. While drones have been praised to be precise, efficient and less risky for soldiers, human rights organizations and law experts have expressed concerns over the use of drones in the fight on terrorism. They have pointed out that their use is illegal under international law.

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This report has raised concerns on the number of non-militants who have been killed as a result of the signature strike policy. The use of drones to counter international terrorist group appears to have some significant gains. Drones use against terrorists is not only accurate and effective, but it also reduces the killing of soldiers. Drones have also helped greatly in the aerial monitoring of terrorist groups; this has been said to be much safer than the conventional surveillance methods.

Bataoel, Vincent. 2011. “On the use of drones in military operations in Libya: ethical, legal, and social issues.” Synesis: A Journal of Science, Technology, Ethics, and Policy 2011 69-76.

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