Issues of poor communication in a nursing setting

Issues of poor communication in a nursing setting

Issues of poor communication in a nursing setting

Communication is very much important because it allows and enables two concerned parties to fully understand each other thus productive relations. Further, good communication skills will yield positive results at the end of a given conversation. Specifically, this research paper critically looks into the possible issues arising as a result of poor or erroneous communication in a nursing environment.

It is always for nurses to give attention to any argument or question posed to him or her whether from the patient side or fellow workmates. This will enhance and foster interpersonal relations and communication skills thus the ability to handle issues at hand amicably and swiftly (Poor, 2001).

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The patients need to be spoken to in order to know their medical progress and realize the special needs they might be lacking. But if there is poor relay of communication between the medical environment personnel then the likelihood of internal conflicts arising is quite high. This is normally facilitated by misunderstanding and disrespect concepts in a hospital.

For example, if the doctor looks down upon nurses then it might be difficult for the two parties to sail through one boat hence,  creating a vacuum of distrust and as a result communication will be very problematic thus medical conflicts (McSherry, 2012).

Poor performance will be another issue of erroneous communication. This is because of lack of correct information over a given

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