Islamic culture

Islam has been a controversial religion in the world because of its teachings, beliefs and practices. Some of the Islamic teachings and beliefs contravenes the beliefs of other religions like Christianity. Therefore, there has been a conflict of beliefs amongst religions. Credit to the height of terrorism globally, Islamic has come under criticism and scrutiny. Misconceptions towards Islam has been a contributing factor together with historical injustices that Muslims have perpetrated against the humanity. The act of aggression by Islamic culture emanates from their teachings, and the inferiority complex might have played a role in making the Islam aggressive. This paper researches on how Islamic teachings are interpreted and or practiced in various parts of the world. The paper also contrasts Islam with Christianity

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The Islamic teaching have been used by extremists to justify their violence against their Muslim counterparts like women and other religions. The Islam has differed with other religions bringing the conflict of ideologies into being. Their teachings have made other faiths develop certain stereotypes like architects of a war, terrorism and aggression against them. These stereotypes have impacted on the interactions and communications between these religious groups. The religious differences have impacted adversely on social and civic interactions of Muslims and non-Muslims.

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