Islam Muslim Migration

Islam Muslim Migration

Islam Muslim Migration.

Islam Muslim Migration: Islam as a word means voluntary surrender or submission to the will of God. It is derived from the root word ‘salam’ which means peace (What is Islam).

The Quran says that God defines the purpose for which He created mankind as to Worship Him. Islam acknowledges that mankind has the free choice whether to disobey or obey God, but will ultimately be answerable to God for the choices that he made in this life time (What is Islam).

In the Quran, God sent His prophets to teach mankind how to worship Him. He first sent Adam then Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and finally, Muhammad who was the last of the messengers. According to Islam all of these prophets brought the same message which was, no deity is worth being worship except the one true God, called Allah in Arabic (What is Islam).

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From misguided congressional hearings, to religiously motivated discrimination and attacks on existing Islamic centers, Muslims in America have been unfairly targeted for simply exercising their basic constitutional right to religious freedom. Some of the issues focused on include (Protecting the Religious Freedom of Muslims):

The acceptance of Muslim immigrants has a long way to go, however, Muslim institutions aimed at making immigrants more comfortable have proved a fair success rate.

The trouble lies in educating natives on accepting other cultures. This poses a problem in itself because large scale migration has its disadvantages.

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