Islam as a religion

Islam as a religion

Islam as a religion

Islam as a religion:Islam is a religion that is characterized by the worship of a singular all powerful God. Muslims are guided by the deeds and teachings of Mohamed the last prophet and the Quran which is Islam’s holy book (Ahmad, 76). According to the teachings of Islam, there were other prophets as also taught by the Christian Bible and Jewish Torah but the last prophet in the Quran is Mohamed and he is the most significant in the religion of Islam.

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That led to the accumulation of grievances and eventual rebellions (El Fadl et al, 56). Tribalism was therefore rife in the conquered areas as the new non Arabic converts were treated by the Arabs or the earlier converts as lower class citizens. Therefore it is true to say that; the inherent characteristics of Islam ensured that it rose to a great empire but a neglect of the same characteristics resulted in its eventual decline.

Ahmad, Khurshid, ed. Islam: Its meaning and message. Islamic Foundation, 1976.

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