Is there a transitional area in your town or city?

Is there a transitional area in your town or city?

Is there a transitional area in your town or city?.

Is there a transitional area in your town or city?: In the town where I live the population of people is dense, and transition process of people occurs at a faster rate. Therefore, the large number of people, the rate of transition is very notably in most [art of the city with most of the migrants in the city being Indians, Mexicans and other groups of people from Asia, who are legitimate people of the United States of America.

Some of the migrants in the town live in new developed houses and apartments, where they are present in at least one in every two blocks along the street.

The high number of migrants of international students who come to seek quality education from colleges in the town.  The modesty and the well maintained apartments is considered as a factor leading to

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The crime rate in the city is alarming and in most cases, crimes are committed by immigrants. Making some of the old places in the town being abandoned and ill maintained.

However, the local authority has been able to curb down the rate of crime in the town. The number of international students in the town is increasing. As more students get admitted to local colleges in the area.

However, the state has improved in the last one year after the number of students under the sponsorship program. A large number of students’ in the town is now from well up families and are not involved in the transition process.

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