Is there a correlation between HPV vaccination coverage percentages and higher risks of developing serious health concerns in certain states?

The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) database that contain information that regards to protection of public health and safety via the control and prevention of diseases. The database researches and provides information on non-infectious diseases like obesity, diabetes among others. The database that was provided, was specific to vaccines and immunizations especially on vaccination coverage rates and data. What makes this database very helpful in this research study is because it contains information that is within the parameters or variables described in this paper.

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In this case, the presentation will be contained in a table that has three columns that represent the dependent variables, the percentage coverage, and number of reported cases of serious health concerns respectively in every particular independent variable as shown in the table 1. The processes will be repeated for every state, or independent variable. However, in order to avoid preparing a discrete frequency distribution for every state, a combined table is used for the several independent variables as shown in the table 2

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