Is the media to blame for violence in society?

Is the media to blame for violence in society?

Is the media to blame for violence in society?

Is the media to blame for violence in society?: If a kid acted violently like punching another child, there would be consequences for him/her perhaps grounding or detention, but then their violence acts are mostly forgotten.  Parents or school officials rarely investigate why the child acted violently in the first place.  If adults were asked, they might say something like “the kid possibly plays violent video games, like Grand Theft Auto or he/she watches a violent television show, like Power-angers.” Most people would believe that a satisfactory reason.  It is the custom to blame “the media” for everything that is immoral with our culture.

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This violence happens in real life, and the children know that and they are still absorbing it.  Walma affirms that schools and parents start teaching kids that news violence is different from the violence seen on TV.  Even though the dissimilarities between those two television kinds of violence are something that children do understand, it does not change the reality that they are still watching television violence.  The news violence may not be fictionalized, but it still has a negative impact young children viewers.

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