Is the Death Penalty Effective?

Is the Death Penalty Effective?

Is the Death Penalty Effective?

Is the Death Penalty Effective?According to Amnesty International, the death penalty or otherwise commonly referred as capital punishment, is the heaviest punishment recommended to an offender in the judicial system. It involves an offender being sentenced to execution for serious crimes such as murder or rape, which may be advocated by a state or a Congress.

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Capital punishment is used by numerous countries in the world, based on  2012 research carried out by Amnesty International. However, about 141 countries have put an end to the practice. China is known to execute a high number of people (Bedau and Hugo 5-8). The death penalty boasts of its origin from the 18th century, when the then King Hammurabi of Babylon prescribed it for twenty-five different crimes.

According to the research above, the death penalty does not in any way lead to a reduction of crime waves, but rather is seen to be in high levels, in countries and states that still practice it. Henceforth, crime continues to happen despite the death penalty being put in place as criminals carry out their activities not considering the repercussions of it, as they do not expect to be caught. Hence, the death penalty is not effective.Is the Death Penalty Effective?

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