Is Social Media a viable marketing tool for small businesses

Is Social Media a viable marketing tool for small businesses

Is Social Media a viable marketing tool for small businesses

The contemporary business society is increasingly becoming reliant on consumer behavior. It is imperative that firms understand the dynamism that characterizes modern society as far as tastes and preferences are concerned. Various industries are experiencing different levels of competition but innovation is taking lead as a survival measure. Sustained production and market demand are given much emphasis as far as the future of the company is concerned.

However, a strategic plan on how to influence consumer behavior towards a new product is significant in identifying the period before being overtaken by new entrants. In order to achieve such aims, the organization has to capture diverse consumer behavior concepts in order to come up with a comprehensive layout that reconciles competition with longer life of the product in the market (Oni, Shumba & Matiza, 2014).

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marketing is crucial for small businesses because it helps them to increase their sales in the short term and ultimately their market share in the long term. Marketing plays three vital roles; it persuades, informs and reminds potential and prospective clients about the business and the products. Sales promotion draws stronger and quicker buyers’ response for companies by highlighting product offers and increasing sagging sales in the short run.

Social media has continuously been used for consumer-oriented marketing to emphasize on the marketing and promotions on consumers’ buying habits.  Social media marketing raises awareness of the about the products to potential customers. Small businesses have resorted to social media platforms for marketing. This is due to reduced cost and wide population coverage compared to traditional marketing methods such as print media and television.

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