Is police brutality immoral?

Police brutality is the malevolent use of excessive force, generally physical, but also common in forms of psychological intimidation and verbal attacks by a police officer. Extensive police brutality continues to be rampant many countries, even those that prosecute it. It is considered as a form of police misconduct that incorporates; racial profiling, false arrest, surveillance abuse, sexual abuse, political repression and police corruption. Even though police brutality is illegal, it can be done in the color of law. Such acts by a police officer have resulted in peoples’ negative attitude towards a police officer, and this makes millions shun the career. (Chaney, 2013).

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Each police officer must act responsibly and not in a brutal manner. The law enforcers should always maintain law and appropriate order in the society. Regardless of the rationalizations provided, police brutality is immoral and should condemned. Police officers should protect human rights and not violate them.

Chaney, C., & Robertson, R. V. (2013). Racism and police brutality in America. Journal of African American Studies, 17(4), 480-505.

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