Is Ethics Natural or Learned Behavior

Is Ethics Natural or Learned Behavior

Is Ethics Natural or Learned Behavior.

Is Ethics Natural or Learned Behavior: According to Richard and Elder (2006), ethics is the philosophical study which seeks to differentiate between good and bad.  On his part Ronald (2010) defines ethics as the science of morals which studies morality through critical evaluation of right and wrong in human action.

Ronald classifies ethics into three categories which are metaethics, normative ethics and normative ethics. Metaethics is concerned with the nature and definition of both right and wrong, the origin of ethical considerations and their meaning in relation to human nature and conduct.

For instance, metaethics seeks to define the nature of a good act and whether morality exists without relying on human beings. On the other hand, normative ethics seeks to define the specific standards that guide and direct ethical conduct whereas shedding light on what is valuable and how to morally assess and justify human actions.

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From the discussion, ethics both nature and nurture have varying considerable influences on the ethics people acquire and learn to conform to. However, nurture has a far greater influence on human ethics as has been observed.

Previously, it had been argued that people with such unconventional tendencies like gayism and homosexuality. Have specific genes that predispose them to the act. However, there has not been sufficient evidence adduce to support the view.

The debate on nature versus nurture rages on far and wide. Nevertheless, nature remains the greatest predisposing factor to social values and moral fabric.


Holmes, R. L. (1993). Basic moral philosophy. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.

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