IP3- Healthcare Information Systems

IP3- Healthcare Information Systems

IP3- Healthcare Information Systems

Health care information technology offers an umbrella framework in defining the inclusive health information management across computerized systems and the exchange between government consumers, insurers, quality entities and providers.  It is a tool responsible for the overall improvement of safety, efficiency, and quality, of the health care system. Tele-health, an emerging trend in health care, is the giving of any medical service from a far.

It incorporates the application of information technologies and communications for clinical care delivery. According to the Association of Telecare Services, Telehealth is defined as the remote swap of data between a clinician and a patient at the comfort of home to aid in monitoring and diagnosis normally applied in supporting patients suffering from long term illness or conditions (Wiederhold, et al., 2010, p. 12).

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According to the findings of this technology, it has an even more potential to save many lives in society and improve the quality of life in society. If it has such a huge influence in reducing the summative visits to the emergency room, then, this technology is a good way of saving costs and ensuring that everyone no matter the economic background gets proper health care.

A&E visits were also seen to be reduced dramatically and this reveals how important the technology is in averting inconveniences at all times. More people in the society, because of personal reasons, globalization and modernization have seen the need for telehealth and are using this new trend to ensure a healthy society.

In Wiederhold, B. K., & In Riva, G. (2014). Annual Review of Cybertherapy and Telemedicine 2014: Positive Change: Connecting the Virtual and the Real. Amsterdam: IOS Press.

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