Inventions and contribution of ancient Chinese

Inventions and contribution of ancient Chinese

Inventions and contribution of ancient Chinese.

Inventions and contribution of ancient Chinese: From the 1st century BC to around the 15th century China led the world in many fields in the study of nature.

China is famous for contributing to many inventions in the history of mankind. China’s history has seen the emergence of important inventions. In the modern world, we take for granted a lot of things. Things are pretty easy for us in the 21st century.

This paper looks at eight of the most useful inventions and contributions by the ancient Chinese; determine which of the eight the four most useful contributions are; explain why I believe they are the most useful invention and point out which one of those inventions I would not live

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Today paper is still used to print books, newspapers, advertising flyers, journals, magazines among other forms of printed media and scholarly material.

Gunpowder is significant in its use for military purposes to date. The movable printer has since been modified and is today used in creation of documents. The compass is one of the major inventions ht has significantly improved efficiency and safety in travel.

Paper making is the invention I cannot live without. As a student, I need to print my assignment. Without paper making, there would be no currency in form of notes.  Notes are easier to carry around than coins.  Paper money is the most common form of currency around the world.


Deng, Y., & Wang, P. (2005). Ancient Chinese inventions: 3,000 years of science and technology. Beijing: China Intercontinental Press.

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