Invention of light bulb

Invention of light bulb

Invention of light bulb.

Invention of light bulb: The world today is an electrified world due to the light bulb that profoundly changed the existence of human beings through illuminating the night and making it hospitable to a variety of human activities.

Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb in 1879. However, he was neither the only nor the first person in pursuit of bulb invention (Nobleman, 2004). This paper seeks to discuss the invention of the light bulb during industrial revolution.

Humphry Davy, English scientist made the first electric bulb in 1800. He invented an electric battery after experimenting with electricity. The carbon glowed when he connected his battery with his wires, producing light: an electric arc. .

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By 1879 when Edison invented the light bulb, gas lighting was a well-established and mature industry. The gas infrastructure was already in place. The facilities for manufacturing of both equipment and gas were in a profitable operation and franchise already granted.

Equally important, people had the idea of gas lighting. The invention of the light bulb resulted into a huge economic effect in the revolutionized world. The electric lighting got far beyond the expanding workday.

The revenues generated due to the electric lamp paid for a network of wires and generators in effect. The infrastructure became available then for a whole brand invention class: equipment and appliances that transformed the workplace and home by 1930s.


Freeberg, E. (2013). The age of Edison: Electric light and the invention of modern America.

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