Introspective analysis essay

Introspective analysis essay

Introspective analysis essay

When I was nine years old, I was introduced to writing compositions that were graded in schools. Before that, I used to write simple poems and letters to my family members. Writing compositions in school formed a basis of my academic essay writing that I practice to date. Writing has  been a special part of my life and I have participated in several competitions associated with writing and performed well in most of them. Writing formal essays involves a little skill and practice on the procedures and guidelines required; this involves formatting styles, grammar, citation formats, etc.

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In addition to this, the improvement in Microsoft Word versions has made it easier to in-text as it comes with a feature to in-text and the latest editions of the styles (Belmont and Sharkey). Formal writing is perfected by practicing a lot and improving on the quality of your papers. This is done by identifying mistakes that you make and finding solutions to rectify them; and making sure you do not repeat them in future. One must also be observant of new editions of style formats as most of them are constantly being revised (Belmont and Sharkey).

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