Introduction to Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics

Introduction to Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics

Introduction to Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics.

Introduction to Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics: Briefly describe the different reactor types used at each of the following plants; The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is a disabled nuclear power plant and it had six separate boiling water reactors. Ferguson notes that five of the six reactors were Mark I type and one was the Mark II type (167).

The Three Mile Island nuclear generating station has two separate units known as TMI-1 and TMI-2(Stacey 296).Both units were pressurized water reactors.

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Stations consisted of four pressurized water-cooled reactors. Reactors three and four were second generation units while reactors one and two were first generation units.

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it is of low-cost, and this makes it affordable to the consumers. Another benefit is that nuclear energy has the lowest impact on the environment compared to other sources of energy since nuclear plants do not emit harmful gases. The other benefit is that nuclear energy is cleaner than wind and solar, and this provides a lasting solution for the fight against global warming.

Generation IV reactors include very-high temperature gas reactors, supercritical water-cooled reactor, molten salt reactors, gas cooled fast reactors, sodium-cooled fast reactors and lead-cooled  fast reactors.

Very high-temperature gas reactors are graphite-moderated, and helium-cooled reactors (Bodansky 474). Bodansky notes that the aim of these reactors is to achieve high temperatures. So as to generate electricity and also produce hydrogen (474).

Work Cited

Ferguson, Charles D. Nuclear energy: what everyone needs to know. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011.

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