Introduction to Geography Assessment

Introduction to Geography Assessment

Introduction to Geography Assessment.

Introduction to Geography Assessment: The video clip shows the impact of global warming to the world. The rise in temperature as a result of global warming that causes many negative impact to the life on the planet earth due to the change in climatic conditions.

In the clip, plants are seen withering as a result of high temperature. People in the tropic are seen suffering from hunger since they are faced with the problem of food shortage. In addition, water levels in the ocean are seen rising due to the melting of ice on the mountains.

Factories are seen releasing a lot of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, these greenhouse gases are leading factors of global warming (You Tube, 2014 Global warming: a way forward: facing climatic change)

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I like the savanna climate because of the high temperate and medium climate. This climatic zone is surrounded by the tropical rain forest and the dry climatic zone towards the poles making it to have an average climate and rainfall.

Such climatic condition can support human and plant life as well making it ideal for agriculture. Since this region can be affected by climatic change, it is important to put strategies in place to mitigate the impacts of climate change (Oxlade, 2003).

Such strategies include planting many trees and preventing any form of deforestation. Trees provides carbon sink by absorbing greenhouse gases that are responsible to cause global warming (Archer, 2011).


Archer, D. (2011). Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast. New York: John Wiley &         Sons.

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