Interpretation of the Bible

Interpretation of the Bible

Interpretation of the Bible.

Interpretation of the Bible: I tend to conquer with Sophie Law’s opinion on the interpretation of the Bible’s message. The Bible is the message from God written by man. The men who wrote the Bible were inspired by the Holy Spirit.

That means that it is the intention of the almighty that we see the Bible as a reference for the daily activities in our lives. It should be used as a benchmark in all that we do and should not be taken for its literal meaning.

Taking the teachings of the bible literally is a misleading step where many followers will go against the message in the name of following it. Some stories depicted in the Bible are mean to teach our current generation through the mistakes depicted in narrations where we learn from them.

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Bible is an important tool in the present time but the limitation comes where interpretation is need. It is a common scene in the current world setting. That there are distinct versions of the same religion that is Christianity.

The diversions arose as a result of the different interpretations of the same Bible where we see that even some occults came up as a result of interpreting the Bible literally.

The interpretation of the Bible is a process that requires wisdom and prior knowledge of it. And history as a whole. It is a process that up to date has not been fully achieve


Free, Joseph P. Archeology and Bible history . Wheaton, III: scriptures press publication, Inc , 1972.

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