interpersonal communication

Interpersonal communication refers to the process through which information is exchanged between people. The purpose of interpersonal communication is to relay a certain message from a sender to another recipient. Self-concept refers to people’s beliefs of themselves. It portrays the way one looks at themselves. It can also be referred to as the ability of one to be aware of their personal self. The concept of self can be put into different categories. It could be based on one’s age, size or gender.

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Appreciating oneself is the first step in ensuring that one builds a high self-esteem. Additionally, the friend could be made to realize that instead of looking out for what other people have, they should make good use of what they possess. They should look out for the people who have turned their bodies into fortunes. Most importantly, such a friend should realize that no one is more important than the other based on their physical being.

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