Internships: Many college or university courses will at one point require a student to go for internship. Internship provides the student an opportunity to acquire valuable skills and experience on the job training. Exposure to a work environment is nonexistent in the college setting.

When that time comes, students make applications to different companies and organizations for internship positions. However among the many factors a student is to consider before choosing which offer to accept, is the issue of pay.

For young people, jobs that pay are scarce. This is because students are without experience. Employers thus take advantage of this situation and hire interns at no pay at all. The labor department has sought to crack down on employers who offer internship programs to student while not paying them.

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They don’t feel that going to work is an option so that they only come whenever they feel. They follow policy and procedure to the letter just like any other employee.

It is true that an organization saves overhead costs when it does not pay its interns. After all, it is the interns who accept to work without pay. If the organization cannot pay, it should the relationship beneficial to both.

The intern will however expect to learn new skills before getting into employment. Unpaid interns should therefore not be used to run personal errands and carry tea around.  If no pay is given to them, the benefits of that opportunity should be communicated to them effectively. This makes the intern feel appreciated and not taken advantage of.


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