It is common belief that any individual can start and run business with or without having acquired education. However, for any entrepreneur that seeks to start and run a successful venture, there is the essential requirement of having the right skills and knowledge to run such a business (Scott, 2012).When I first joined college to take my undergraduate degree I was never exactly sure what I will do with my life. I was sailing at the moment and hoping for a good job someday. However, I always had the passion for starting and run the restaurant business.

My dream came to pass in 2010 when I opened my business in Guayaquil Ecuador. My company is called Italian job, having named it after Mini Cooper that I owned one and was a great fan of the movie. I started the business offering a unique squared taglio that is a different pizza that is highly homemade and healthy. What began as a single restaurant, in two years the company started the Italian Limbo for children cooking classes.

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Having to run more than one restaurant also needs one to be a prompt time manager and excellent at scheduling. It is one skill that is arguably not taught in a classroom setup but is apparently offered at the University. While studying I had to strike a balance between class work, working in jobs, social activities, and family among other things.

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