Internship is a requirement in most courses. It gives an individual a chance to develop their skills, and resumes. In additional, students network with professionals and get insight on what to expect at their workplaces. It also increases student chances of getting a full time job. Some companies use internship programs to identify valuable employees and employ them once they are complete studies (Kiser, 2011).

I will be going to my internship as a volunteer ESOL teacher at Union Settlement. I expect my internship to the start of my successful career. I will use this opportunity to develop myself so that I can deliver quality work in the future. I will take my internship serious and use this opportunity to network with professionals who have already have a long standing career.

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I am not experienced, and this is my first internship. I expect o experience some difficulties in classes which I may not be able to solve. I do not have experience hence I may lack problem solving skills. I will gain experience from the internship hence develop problem-solving skills.

In the future, I will have more control in class and come up with solutions to difficulties experienced in class settings.

Kiser, P. (2011). The Human Services Internship: Getting the Most from Your Experience. New
York: Cengage Learning.

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