Internet and Politics

Internet and Politics

Internet and Politics.

Internet and Politics: In the last ten years, the internet has significantly been used in politics as a tool for politics. The internet connects political candidates with their voters in a political process not previously possible.

Face book, MySpace, and twitter are examples of platforms that have extensively been use by candidates in a political campaign to marshal support for their bids. In 2008, Senator Barrack Obama and his competitor campaigned for election.

They largely employed the use of the internet to connect with voters. This enabled them to communicate on a more personal level with voters, explain their policies to a wider audience, seek funding for their campaigns and organize campaign meetings.

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This is contrary to traditional means that are limite by funds and geographical locations (Silberman, 2010). Governments also engage their citizens through e-government platforms to offer information and essential services to its citizens. This goes a long way in preserving public funds that are channele to other projects. At the same time, good governance and democracy principles such as accountability are promote.

However in using the internet, a considerable percentage of the population is left out. Persons without information and communication technology skills would thereby feel segregated because of being on the wrong side of the digital divide. In this light, it would be prudent to consider all forms of communication in engaging citizens whether in campaign or governance.


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