International Trade

International Trade

International Trade

The concept of globalization has been a contentious and debated issue over the years and has been expressed in different ways. Numerous terms have been developed to explain the application of globalization in diverse areas, such as global markets, global marketing, global policy, global products and global advertising. Conceptual and systematic research has materialized in an effort to support the concept of global marketing.

The aim of this paper is to discuss and classify the different issues concerned and to offer an alternative framework to tackle the issue of global marketing. In addition, the concepts of global marketing and products, and the correlation between standardization of marketing and the globalization of markets are in discussion. Also, different perceptions of global marketing and a global market are address. Therefore, this paper will be into four main parts. Following this introductory part, the second section addresses the concept of globalization, addressing the issues of globalization, global marketing, standardization and global products. The third section proposes a framework and its managerial implication.

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Thus, it can help the marketer to understand the full prospective of modern world markets. Also, sufficiently identify advantageous opportunities, and constantly understand the benefits of international efforts. Therefore, through enough awareness of the importance of both product and needs considerations, marketing managers can merge the advantages of the benefits of an adaptive marketing mix and a global approach.

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