International trade presentation

International trade presentation

International trade presentation

Even though they are alleged to be of low standards, China made goods continue to find their way into the U.S. China remains to be one of the biggest market for American products. In other words, America exports a large number of products to China. Therefore, if the U.S restrict products from China, the action might affect China-U.S trade ties negatively. There are many U.S companies in China, meaning American companies can produce goods in China. And as such, they can penetrate the Chinese local markets thus helping the companies located back in America.

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Minimizing imports means that the taxes and regulations enforced to home producers must be reduced because manufacturers have a challenge of complying with such costs. It is, therefore, important to accept goods from other countries. (Peters, 2006, p.90).

Americans have the freedom to choose, and if the U.S restricts imports from other countries, it will be perceived as an interference of the people’s freedom. There, the government cannot just cease from accepting imports. (Peters, 2006. P.94).

Peters, G. P., & Hertwich, E. G. (2006). The importance of imports for household environmental impacts. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 10(3), 89-109.

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