International Security Problems and Solutions

International Security Problems and Solutions

International Security Problems and Solutions

Patrick Morgan’s book, International Security Problems and Solutions, offers a general construction that employs the customary means of thinking about security studies with its concern over societal wars, and emphasis on wars involving different governments. Morgan evaluates every solution in relation to how good it appears to work at every level of security, and how each of them handles various dilemmas of security (Morgan, 2006, p. 15).

Patrick Morgan evaluates the relationship that exists between war and security on the systematic, societal and state levels. However, the manner in which Morgan addresses the impacts of the relations is quite unbalanced. He provides structural and strategic solutions. Morgan also offers practical and tactical solutions to the problems of security and war.

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The presentations of Morgan on structural and strategic solutions, and those on practical and tactical solutions do not fully talk about the satisfaction of the solutions in making sure that the security is capable of waging war in the face of non-state actors’ threats. However, the solutions address the problem of security and war appropriately at the three tiers of security conception.

Therefore, the solutions fill the commitment to offering the security studies framework. However, his hesitance to talk about the threats that are posed by non-state actors to the societies, governments, and the international system, as well as his subsequent failure to employ the solutions degrades his book, because he declines to appreciate the threats that influences the international politics’ current trends.

Morgan, P. M. (2006). International security: Problems and solutions. Washington, D.C: CQ

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