International Marketing

International Marketing

International Marketing.

International Marketing: BRIC is an abbreviation that describe the economies status and activities of countries that are considered as the main developing countries in the world which included Brazil, Russia, India and China, and the name was developed from the Initial name of the countries.

These countries were selected because they had a potential of developing in their markets that were emerging and improving in their performance in their economy.

Notably, the other factor that lead to the formation of the group was the large number of total population in this countries consisting more about 40 percent of the total population in the world. The large population number in this countries makes them to have a promising market that develop in these countries.

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producing food products which require evaluation of the processing plant by health specialists. The process of evaluation also takes time before the plant is give a go ahead. Due to the issue of bureaucracy in this countries.

Cultural factor likely to affect the launch of the coke drink is the process of changing people to change the coke brand they have been taking for a long time (Ball & McCulloch, 1990, p. 115).

BRIC group aim of becoming the powerful economy in the world is viable due to the factors that all an effective way of conducting business in these countries. However, they should marge all their political, cultural and economic notion. To create a common ground for the purpose of conducting business efficiently.


Ball, D. A., & McCulloch, W. H. (1990). International business. Irwin.

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