International Business: MNE

International Business MNE

International Business: MNE

The MNE are often faced with significant staff issues such as the need to employ an expatriate manager or local manager in their foreign subsidiaries in host nations. The decision is often discussed to great lengths so as to make significant strategies that will drive the subsidiaries to economic prosperity in each subsidiary offices. However, emerging trends in most Multinational enterprises has seen rise in staffing of local managers. This is, in comparison to the expatriates who were once regard highly due to their experiences. This is as well as efficient skills in the respective businesses as well as sharing the company’s vision.

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In conclusion, with time the decisions at foreign subsidiaries are decentralize so as to reduce the pressures on the Home offices of the respective MNE. Further, the responsiveness of the locals as well as the quick integration of the local managers and their much-needed strategies are making the subsidiaries to thrive in the different fields hence the reason why most subsidiaries are opting for the local managers. The corporate culture altering is by the locals and hence the changes in competencies.

Li, S., & Scullion, H. (2010). Developing the local competence of expatriate managers for emerging markets: A knowledge-based approach. Journal of World Business, 45(2), 190- 196.

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