International Law Case

The case named Military and paramilitary activities in and against Nicaragua case (Nicaragua v United States of America) was presented before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) by the Nicaragua against the United States of America in 1981. The case was lodged because the contras insurgency who began to attack the government of the day, were believed to have been backed and funded by the United States government as a punishment against Nicaragua. Nicaragua argued that the America was using force unlawfully to support the contras and also was unlawfully interfering with the internal affairs of the Nicaragua.

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The case was not resolved through an advisory role or the judicial settlement. However, the case was shot down by the election of a new government in Nicaragua that was pro-American who called for the suspension of the compensation claims against the America and the subsequent disarmament of the contras.

Oxford Public International Law. (2006). Military and Pramilitary inand Against Nicaragua Case (Nicaragua v United States of America). Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law.

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