Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation, a United States based multinational semiconductor chip making corporation, has outstandingly predominated the global chip manufacturing industry for several decades. The corporation, which is headquartered in Santa Clara, a Californian city, ranks as the largest and highest valued semiconductor chip fabricating company in the globe, on a revenue basis.

The company, which is governed by a board of directors, is undoubtedly the architect of the x86 series microprocessors that are found in a majority of personal computers. Besides these microprocessors, Intel Corporation also manufactures embedded mainframes, flash memories, integrated circuits, and motherboard chipsets as well as network interface controllers, among other digital computing and communication gadgets.

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Intel Corporation continues to strive in optimizing its products’ overall performance improvement by ensuring that energy efficacy and performance capacities are aptly balanced. The corporation is also strongly venturing in enhanced connectivity, multitasking, and multithreading as options to augment product and process performances.

The other performance improvement options that the company is considering include ease of product utilization, unmatched reliability and security, and implement interoperability. With these, together with the company’s management best practices, corporate strategies and policies, and core values upheld by everyone in the company, the company is assured of outstanding success in future years.

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