Integrating sources into writings

Integrating sources into writings

Integrating sources into writings.

Integrating sources into writings: Most writings, especially academic writings obtain their content from other books or writings published by other authors. It is for this reason that important techniques in writing should be adopted including the use of quotations, summaries and paraphrasing to integrate sources into writings.

Most writings obtain their content from copyrighted information or books published by others. Some information from other authors can also be used to enrich the writing where in some cases it is a necessity for them to be included.

In order to make the writings original, all the borrowed information should be acknowledged by the writer as borrowed knowledge and credits to the original author should be clearly indicated.

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aspects of the writing should be completely different from the source, including the choice of words and styles used in writing. A clear vision of the source should be developed by going through the passage at least twice. (VanderMey, 2012). Lastly we focus on summaries. Summarizing is the act of compressing the ideas put across in the source and writing them in the writer’s own words.

It also does not use quotation marks and is significantly shorter than the original passage. Summaries are used when readers need to know very specific information.

Only the essential points are brought out in summaries. This is mainly brought out at the end of the writings. To enable the reader understand the source better or just get an idea of the argument in the source. (VanderMey, 2012)


Rosenwasser, D. (2012 ). Writing analytically . Boston : Cengage.

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