Integrated Marketing Communications

Nintendo Wii is video game console introduced in 2006 by Nintendo. The video game has a remote controller and pointing device that sense movement in three dimensions it also has wiiconnect which enables the game to receive updates from the internet. The product is operating in a competitive market and among the major competitors is Microsoft and Sony play station. Marketing is very important to ensure that product gains a competitive edge in the market. This can be achieved through coordinated marketing campaign that uses different promotional methods.

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The theme of the advertisement will be Nintendo Wii Taking Video Games to Next Level. The theme will be communicated through internet and television. The company will use social media, company’s website, and blogs to advertise the product. The targeted population frequently uses the internet hence it will be an effective platform to advertise the product. The advert can also be placed in movies, advertised in major television networks such as NBC, and advertised on local TV channels to ensure that it reaches a wide audience.

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