Instructional Technology


Instructional Technology

As the advantages of instruction technology (IT) continue to loom, the main question has always been, will it ever be integrated into public school? Other questions that linger in the minds of education stakeholders in public schools have been: What is the meaning of ‘instructional technology?’ what is the current status of IT in classrooms in public schools? Is the current use of IT relevant to instructional pedagogy?

What ways can be used to improve the current state of IT in public schools? These among other questions have formed the root cause of the current survey. In this regard, this paper delves into the major themes around the status of instructional technology integration in Broward County Florida.

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The district has identified leaders who use technology innovatively and encouraged the sharing of the outstanding practices through establishing the Learning Communities for Department and School Leaders. Area officers as well as executive leadership teams identify innovative uses of technology and set up training-the-trainer mentorship programs for the leaders (Notter, 2013).

The third strategy of achieving the three goal components is the involvement of district leaders in driving purposeful change to optimize the achievement of learning goals as well as district operations via the right use of technology and media resources. All school departments have their technology components included in their SIP department goals (Notter, 2013).

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