Information Technology

Information Technology

Information Technology.

Information Technology: In the modern world, information technology and information processing systems have been the backbone of success in many businesses and organizations.

It has been the most essential asset in decision making and information processing. The application of IT in various businesses worldwide has opened up new opportunities in managing and running organizations as well as advanced decision making process.

The importance of Information Technology in companies and organizations The transition from the industrial era and society to information technology society has had a great impact on the social, political and economic aspects in

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managers must take the necessary measure to reduce limitations of Technology, as everything that is good must have its own negatives. The managers should always keep monitoring their systems, to avoid the risk of ramifications due to system failures.

The managers must also search for ways that ensures information suits various decision making processes in various businesses. A well definite information system should be included in order to present a feasible working environment.

The managers must also ensure they recruit personnel that are proficient in the information systems as well as defining their roles in using the systems. Lastly, business owners must learn to cope and be versed with recent technology and competent decision making procedures.

This will accrue customer contentment while the business will be successful. And will enjoy the economies of scale, and assurance of the business survival in the competitive market structure.


Bocij, P. (2003). Business information systems, technology, development and Management of business. 2nd edition. England.

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