Information Security & Ethics

Information Security & Ethics

Information Security & Ethics

There are threats in the business environment, both external and internal, which organizations may face, and that call for these organizations to formulate, document, and implement policies as well as procedures meant for protecting themselves. The concern in this paper is to identify and discuss some of the policies and procedures should be developed and implemented by organizations for the purpose of protecting themselves. In particular, the essay addresses security policies or e-policies that are vital for implementation by organizations.

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The dimensions of information security concerns are global, meaning that it is obligatory for organizations to implement policies and procedures for protection against the security vices in the information technology realm. Besides the information security policies and procedures, organizations also need to be proactive in implementing other categories of policies and procedure, including those aimed at reinforcing compliance with federal and state legal provisions, to ensure aggregate protection. It should be remembered that policies and procedures are not only instruments of protection, but also success determinants in daily organizational operations.

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